Monday, 11 May 2015

Social Engagement - Towards a Better Future with IQ 70 Plus

Being rejected by Asrama Darul Falah (PERKIM), our initial collaboration NGO is a disappointing news for me and my group, but because of this we are able to form collaboration with Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia (IQ 70 Plus), our final collaboration NGO.

My name is Chin Yi Xuan, group leader (Group 4) of Social Engagement subject under Mr. Mohamad Yusoff Sanusi. Under this subject, our group will need to achieve a total of 36 hours of social engaging initiative.

Below are the brief details of the project:

  1. Date: 4/5/2015 (Monday) - Preparation, 5/5/2015 (Tuesday) - Charity Fundraising Sales, 10/5/2015 (Sunday) - Visit to IQ 70 Plus.
  2. NGO: Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia (IQ 70 Plus) [No.118, Jalan Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor]
  3. Fundraising method: Biscuits sales
IQ 70 Plus is a home that take care of kids and individuals with down syndrome, and is established since 2012, currently operating with an expenses of RM40,000/month. The person in charge of the home is Mr. Chang Ming Kiet.

4/5/2015 (Monday)

On this day, all team gather at KPS to help in packaging of the biscuits, our team strongly believe that the biscuits we are going to sell well because the biscuits are those of what our generation used to have during our childhood, which include icing gem biscuits and fish-shaped biscuits.

Every member is very supportive and the packaging and preparation tasks are done smoothly thanks to great cooperation from every single member.

Yum yum!!!

Preparation process 

Sealing biscuits using candle fire

Group Photo
Our preparation goes on from 8am - 11pm and we managed to prepare around 475 pack of biscuits and decided to sell each pack of biscuits for RM1. The whole team spirit is high and we are all ready to help IQ 70 Plus fundraise!!!

5/5/2015 (Tuesday)

The next day, every team member gather at table in front of DK1 at the Faculty of Economics and Administration at 8am to prepare for our charity sales. At 9am, our sales start and we target students that going to enter for lecture. After that, we split up to other faculty to sell our biscuits, mainly at Faculty of Education and Faculty of Business and Accountancy. 

Collecting funds 

Selling biscuits to UM students
 To our surprise, the reception of our biscuits are really good than what we have expect. Some of our customers even donate extra money for charity purpose!!! This really motivate us to do better.
Selling biscuits in FEA

A visit by Mr Chang to our booth!
 Mr Chang, the person in charge of IQ 70 Plus visits us in the afternoon and he is delighted with our effort and took a group photo with us. 

Our sales end around 9:30pm and cleaning up takes around 30 minutes and we all call it a day at 10pm. Although tired, everyone is happy due to the well reception and the good deeds that we are doing.

10/5/2015 (Sunday)

It is a nice day and also Mother's Day! A visit day to IQ 70 Plus to interact with the down syndrome kids and also to pass the donation money to Mr Chang. We reached IQ 70 Plus at 8am and we were greeted by them. Great and friendly atmosphere make us feel really easy interacting with the kids there. We start with some simple ice breaking game and after that we celebrate Mother's Day with the workers there.

We also did cup painting activity with the kids there, to let them express themselves through painting. We are surprised by how talented they are during this activity. Although they are individuals with down syndrome but this doesn't mean that they do not have any hidden ability, but just awaiting the right opportunity to unleash them.
Mother's Day celebration with workers in IQ 70 Plus and also Mr Chang's mother.

Receipt of Donation by IQ 70 Plus

Cups drawn by the down syndrome kids

Interacting with the kids
Ending our visit with a dance!
Interacting personally with the kids
Official receipt passing to us by Mr Chang, and also a lovely group photo
Our visit ends at 3pm in the afternoon, although we are all really sad to leave the home. All the memories made will be treasured in the deep of our heart. On the side note, we managed to collect a sum of RM655 for IQ 70 Plus!

My feeling.....

Dealing personally with IQ 70 Plus down syndrome kids make me realize that I am a very fortunate person in this society, and it impacted me so much that it makes me more positive towards all the challenges I am currently facing in my life. 

Fate caused me to meet Mr Chang, and introduced to IQ 70 Plus, to carry out my Social Engagement project. I am truly grateful to have this chance, and of course my helpful teammates along the way be it planning or executing this initiative.

*Special thanks to Mora, the assistant leader, Iqbal, the program head, Yen Ying, the secretary, Ying Qiu and Helen, which in charge in general affair, Wuon Zchia, the treasurer and Fiza, the assistant secretary. Without all of you this initiative will not be a reality, thank you all so so much!!!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Xuan Thought - 4 Things to Be Aware of In Your Early 20s

Hey there! It has been some time since I last updated my blog, mainly due to the hectic life in UM. Nevertheless, being officially 20 in 2014, there are some big (and tiny) things that I think a small number of people of the same age around me are aware of, while a big number of youth in their early 20s are lack of. 

#1 - Directions in Life

Very commonly heard among the youth in their early 20s when asked about what do they want in their life "I also dunno what I want oh (Malaysia slang)". There is a saying: without a direction, wherever you go, might be as well be pointless. Well, that is pretty true in fact, because if you are in your early 20s and you are living a life for the sake of living it, you definitely need to sit down and start to rethink your life. 

What do you want to achieve in the near 5-10 years? It can be from as simple as being happy to as hard as to be an successful entrepreneur, or even to date the particular lady/guy. Get up from the god damn bed, and start working on it. Living a live with purpose and direction is certainly more meaningful when compared to a life without one.

What are your strength and your weaknesses? Good in public speaking? Capable in analytic skills? Improve in it, utilize them to achieve the things you want. Weak in decision making? Bad in communicating with people? Acknowledge your weaknesses, do something to make positive changes.

#2 - Financial Awareness

Another aspect that I realize many peers around my age do not really care of. If you are reading this, simply ask yourself: do you take note of how much you are spending every month? Thumbs up, if you do. Ironically, many people in their 20s do not practice such habit. 

In your early 20s, do you have any savings in your bank account? Stop starbuck-ing, start saving. 

In your early 20s, have you started to think how to increase your wealth with the money you have? Stop saying that investing is risky (because even taking a bath in your own home you can got electrocuted, risky huh?), and start learning how to invest to increase your wealth.

In your early 20s, it is THE time to start having financial awareness and start to be less dependent to our Papa and Mama. 

#3 - Academic Results

"Results not important one lah~" said by numerous people around us. In your early 20s, most probably you are currently doing your degree in university, and probably you are one of the many that think that results are not important. 

Lets make it this way: Nope. We all have a purpose in every stage of our life, and we cannot deny that studying is our responsibility as a university student in our early 20s. Doing our best in our studies, and in return getting a reasonable academic results reflects one's attitude towards his/her responsibilities.

Attitude, bro. Attitude. Like it or not, there are things in life that we will need to treat them seriously. 

#4 - Exposure

I have seen way too many friends around me living a 'study - shopping/movie - home' in their university life. True, it is a relaxing lifestyle, but it is for sure not the one for you if you want to develop yourself and well, survive in the society in the future. 

If you are living the life as I described above, imagine yourself competing with those actively participating in seminars, camps, NGOs etc. Do you stand a chance against all the soft skills that they have learnt and developed during their early 20s, and you are only starting to pick up when you are out in the working force? 

The answer is obvious.

To conclude.........

The 4 things that I have mentioned above are the most common awareness that are lacking among my peers from my own point of view, but I am pretty sure that you can relate to the people in early 20s around you. 

If you lack of one of those awareness as mentioned above, it is never too late to start doing something to change your current situation. 

As hard as you might think, the hardest step for a change to take place is always, well, the first step. Wishing you the best of luck! Cheers! 

Early 20s, the time to develop and enhance one's strength and ability.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Rayuan, Explained!

UPU results are out a few hours back and some are happy with the outcome. To the less fortunate friends that did not get any UPU offer, appealing (rayuan) is the way for you to get a place in local public universities. 


Info-to-know before appealing :
  • E-Rayuan effective date is from 12/8/2014 onwards to 22/8/2014 (11:59pm)
  • Applicant DOES NOT NEED to purchase ID number from BSN in order to appeal. 
  • Only those that did not get any offer from UPU can appeal, while those who are not satisfied with UPU's offer CANNOT appeal through this method.
  • Website : (UPU)

Appealed results will be out by the third week of September. Yes, this by any chance means that those who succeed in appealing will enter public university later than their peers. Hence, in the meantime while waiting for the outcome, I strongly suggest friends in this situation to look for private university first, and only decide to leave for local public university or not when succeed upon appealing.

What if my appeal failed and I still hope to enter public university? In this condition, you might need to contact the department of the particular university of your choice to inquire for any available slots. If you are lucky enough there might be a chance because some department tend to have some extra slots left after all the student intake (yes, even after appealing results are out). 

What if I am not satisfied with the UPU's offer? Since you cannot make any appeal through E-Rayuan, you can contact the particular university's student department to get sort of a transfer form and after you fill it up they will send it to the dean and you might be asked for an interview session. Getting through all this, you might stand a chance to change your course. 

There are a lot more tiny information in this issue, but I have pointed out some important ones that most of you want to know. To check out more, visit this site called QuanSheng ( as there are a lot more detailed explanations on appealing and even details on many other topics! 

Hope this help, and for those who get their ideal course and university placement, congrats and all the best in your future! 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

STPM Baharu - Retaking, Explained!

Recently I came across a reader's comment in my 'STPM Baharu, Third Semester' article that asked me some questions about retaking :

And so, I've decided to write about this issue in this article. 

#1 - When will you retake your papers?

If there are no any big changes this year, Semester 1 & Semester 2 retake papers should be not long after Semester 3 exam. This means that straight after your Semester 3 papers, you'll still need to prepare for retakes. It went on like this for my year : Sem 3 > Sem 1 Retake > Sem 2 Retake. 

As for Semester 3 retake, it'll be a few weeks after Semester 3 results are out, probably in between March and April after you've graduated from Form 6.

#2 - When will you able to know your retake results?

For Semester 1 & Semester 2 retake, results will be out not long after you received your Semester 3 results

As for Semester 3 retake, results will be out sometime during the month of April/May. 

What does this mean? This means that unless you really did badly for your Semester 3, do not choose to retake your Semester 3 papers. Retaking Semester 3 papers will delay your university and scholarships application since you do not know your final results. In addition, most of the people lose their motivation and urge to study after a few months rest from Form 6, hence it is really, really hard to force yourself back to the library to study for your retake papers. 

#3 - How do the authority calculate the final result of a subject? 

Have you seen or heard of any friends or seniors of yours that encountered this? 

In a particular subject for all three semesters, while X and Y both got BBB- for their papers but in the end X got an overall grade of B for the subject but Y got a B- for the subject.

Sounds weird, right? Why are both students that got the same results for all 3 semesters in the end got different grade for their overall grade?

Well, this is because MPM is NOT using the accumulated grades for all 3 papers to determine the final overall grade of the subject, instead they are using the 'raw marks' (markah mentah, that means the original marks of your paper) of all 3 papers (plus some weird formulas) to determine the final grade of the particular subject. 

In this case, X might got a higher mark in the B- category that leads him to a B while Y got a lower mark in the B- category that brought him down to a B-. 

The question remains : How can I know about the raw marks thingy? No. All calculation are done internally, hence it is not possible for us to know all the details. (Sad case)

Hence, I hope I have answer Question 2 of my reader up there. 

#4 - Which result will be used in the case of weaker retake outcome?

The best result will be taken.

#5 - Retake or not?

Honestly, it really depends on yourself. It is really damn hard to cover retake papers, especially Semester 1 & 2 retakes because you need to deal with Semester 3 papers. Accumulation. This is the best word to describe retaking. If you cannot deal with 4 papers in Semester 1, how can you expect yourself to deal with more papers in your last semester? 

I have friends that screw many of his Semester 1 & 2 papers, thinking of changing the whole game with retaking the papers while mentally readied to retake all his Semester 3 papers. Well, this is a wrong mindset. Give it all out in every semester, do your best and get the best results and never bother retaking unless the outcome is really disastrous. 

So, a question to yourself before deciding to retake : Am I capable of doing this? 

As a conclusion.....

It has been sometime since I come out with an article, mainly because I was quite busy with some activities. I'll try to come out with more articles if possible in July or August because after that guess what I'll start my University life! Woohoo! Any other Form 6/STPM Baharu related issues that you want me to cover? Comment below and I'll try my best to bring the article up! Until next time, ciaoz and Selamat Hari Raya! 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

What To Do - I Am Not Selected for Interview!

Every single year, there will always be STPM students with good results that hope to be called for interview for the entrance into local public universities but in the end turned down by the authorities. 

So, what can you do if you are one of the victim? 

1. Check

First of all, check the courses you applied, are everyone of them required interview? If there are courses that do not require interview, it means that you will still have a chance to enter public universities. Every course you applied require interview? Proceed to no.2 then.

2. Rayuan

This is to the ones that failed to get any offer in the end to apply. 

"Rayuan: Hanya calon yang gagal mendapat sebarang tawaran sahaja yang layak mengemukakan permohonan rayuan.
Rayuan ke IPTA bagi Program Pengajian Lepasan STPM/Setaraf dibuka untuk capaian mulai 12 Ogos 2014 jam 12.00 tengah hari sehingga 22 Ogos 2014"

3. Local/Overseas Private Universities

Well, maybe in life when we do not get what we want it means that we are destined to be something greater, or we are destined to walk the different path. Don't you think so? Don't fret if you do not get a place in local public universities, because it is a real big world out there! There are many private universities out there and there are always financial aids if you are worried about all the financial stuffs.

Every year we will see people angered, frustrated, disappointed over not being selected into local public universities. After so many years, nothing got better. Hence, while it is not worthy to be saddened over the flaws of our country's education system, we must all continue on with our life, our own story. Make your own story lively, something worth living for and meaningful. Get over the negativity and enjoy our journey, and hopefully one day we will be able to make great changes to our future generations. Best of luck, my friends!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

War. Codename: 2014 STPM Second Semester. Status: Start!

Anyeong! Just writing this post to wish every kawan-kawan that will be sitting for Second Semester STPM in a few days time all the best and good luck!

Be Careful - Pengajian Am

Pengajian Am for second semester is one tricky paper to score. Be very very careful while plotting your graphs/charts/tables because a small keyword that you left out will cost you your results for the paper. 

p.s. Remember to bring your colour pencils and protractor ya!

My Advice

For me, I'll not study until late night before exam, as stuff in our brain tend to go all wrong due to lack of rest. Instead of discussing with friends about the subject before the paper, I would normally prefer to find a quiet place to calm down my nerves (Keep on talking about the subject before exam will most probably cause you to be more nervous). 

Best of Luck!

So yeah this is indeed a short post dedicated to wish all STPM candidates all the best and good luck! Stay healthy and please, sleep early and please (x2), don't overslept! Jiayous! 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Reminders to STPM Baharu 2013 Students, Words to STPM Baharu 2014 Students, Greetings to STPM Baharu 2015 Students

Hello folks it has been some time since my last blog post 'STPM Baharu - The Form 6 College' and it actually became one of my article with the highest view! *claps claps*

STPM Baharu 2013 Students

Alright, basically I believed that many of us had already have in mind in how we did in our STPM, hence after receiving our result slip on 24/4/2014, whats next?
  • After receiving your result slip, things that you will need to pay attention of is:If you are one of the many that retake your Semester 3 paper/s, you can now update your application should you have anything that you want to change in your application during the First Phase of registration. It is called the Second Phase of registration and it will be opened to all Semester 3 retake students on 2/5/2014 - 6/5/2014. 
  • Free up your time for the month of May and June (and maybe July) because most of the procedures of the UPU/USM intake such as notice of the interview, process of interview and so on will most probably taking place in these 2 months. Hence, if you are planning some long trip, you might want to reconsider. If you are working part time, you might need to prepare to take a few day offs.
  • Lastly, if you want to do any last minute scholarship/university 'shopping', this is the last chance! Many of the dateline for scholarships and university application (especially overseas) had ended months back and if you missed them, you will now need to search around the education sites for any last minute application. 
  • Well, seems that your Form 6 journey truly ends here, and I wish everyone in our batch all the best and good luck in the future!
STPM Baharu 2014 Students

Hey! Less than 1 month more before you guys will be sitting for your Semester 2 STPM! All the best in your last preparation and this is the time to go all out! Consult your teachers if needed, try to understand the topics that you are not familiar, the key is: Don't Be Afraid to Ask!

And in the period of preparation of exams, please take care of your health!

STPM Baharu 2015 Students

Wow, if you are reading this you are either already decided to enter Form 6, or Form 6 is already one of your option. Intake should be anytime during May, and before entering Form 6, be well prepared mentally and physically. Expect nothing but a tough (and meaningful) challenge ahead. It will be tough, but it will worth it, if you hang on till the very end.

If you still need more information on Form 6, feel free to read up my previous articles!

And yeah! This is all for this article! I am just back from my backpacking trip to Taiwan (alone!) and I will definitely share my experience in this blog anytime soon, so if you are into travelling thingy, stay tune!

Jiayous, people! =)