Xuan Thought - 4 Things to Be Aware of In Your Early 20s

Hey there! It has been some time since I last updated my blog, mainly due to the hectic life in UM. Nevertheless, being officially 20 in 2014, there are some big (and tiny) things that I think a small number of people of the same age around me are aware of, while a big number of youth in their early 20s are lack of. 

#1 - Directions in Life

Very commonly heard among the youth in their early 20s when asked about what do they want in their life "I also dunno what I want oh (Malaysia slang)". There is a saying: without a direction, wherever you go, might be as well be pointless. Well, that is pretty true in fact, because if you are in your early 20s and you are living a life for the sake of living it, you definitely need to sit down and start to rethink your life. 

What do you want to achieve in the near 5-10 years? It can be from as simple as being happy to as hard as to be an successful entrepreneur, or even to date the particular lady/guy. Get up from the god damn bed, and start working on it. Living a live with purpose and direction is certainly more meaningful when compared to a life without one.

What are your strength and your weaknesses? Good in public speaking? Capable in analytic skills? Improve in it, utilize them to achieve the things you want. Weak in decision making? Bad in communicating with people? Acknowledge your weaknesses, do something to make positive changes.

#2 - Financial Awareness

Another aspect that I realize many peers around my age do not really care of. If you are reading this, simply ask yourself: do you take note of how much you are spending every month? Thumbs up, if you do. Ironically, many people in their 20s do not practice such habit. 

In your early 20s, do you have any savings in your bank account? Stop starbuck-ing, start saving. 

In your early 20s, have you started to think how to increase your wealth with the money you have? Stop saying that investing is risky (because even taking a bath in your own home you can got electrocuted, risky huh?), and start learning how to invest to increase your wealth.

In your early 20s, it is THE time to start having financial awareness and start to be less dependent to our Papa and Mama. 

#3 - Academic Results

"Results not important one lah~" said by numerous people around us. In your early 20s, most probably you are currently doing your degree in university, and probably you are one of the many that think that results are not important. 

Lets make it this way: Nope. We all have a purpose in every stage of our life, and we cannot deny that studying is our responsibility as a university student in our early 20s. Doing our best in our studies, and in return getting a reasonable academic results reflects one's attitude towards his/her responsibilities.

Attitude, bro. Attitude. Like it or not, there are things in life that we will need to treat them seriously. 

#4 - Exposure

I have seen way too many friends around me living a 'study - shopping/movie - home' in their university life. True, it is a relaxing lifestyle, but it is for sure not the one for you if you want to develop yourself and well, survive in the society in the future. 

If you are living the life as I described above, imagine yourself competing with those actively participating in seminars, camps, NGOs etc. Do you stand a chance against all the soft skills that they have learnt and developed during their early 20s, and you are only starting to pick up when you are out in the working force? 

The answer is obvious.

To conclude.........

The 4 things that I have mentioned above are the most common awareness that are lacking among my peers from my own point of view, but I am pretty sure that you can relate to the people in early 20s around you. 

If you lack of one of those awareness as mentioned above, it is never too late to start doing something to change your current situation. 

As hard as you might think, the hardest step for a change to take place is always, well, the first step. Wishing you the best of luck! Cheers! 

Early 20s, the time to develop and enhance one's strength and ability.


  1. Thanks for your posts, they are very informative.

    Care to share what degree are you studying now?

    1. Hi there! I am currently doing degree in economics and administration in UM :)


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