Social Engagement - Towards a Better Future with IQ 70 Plus

Being rejected by Asrama Darul Falah (PERKIM), our initial collaboration NGO is a disappointing news for me and my group, but because of this we are able to form collaboration with Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia (IQ 70 Plus), our final collaboration NGO.

My name is Chin Yi Xuan, group leader (Group 4) of Social Engagement subject under Mr. Mohamad Yusoff Sanusi. Under this subject, our group will need to achieve a total of 36 hours of social engaging initiative.

Below are the brief details of the project:

  1. Date: 4/5/2015 (Monday) - Preparation, 5/5/2015 (Tuesday) - Charity Fundraising Sales, 10/5/2015 (Sunday) - Visit to IQ 70 Plus.
  2. NGO: Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia (IQ 70 Plus) [No.118, Jalan Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor]
  3. Fundraising method: Biscuits sales
IQ 70 Plus is a home that take care of kids and individuals with down syndrome, and is established since 2012, currently operating with an expenses of RM40,000/month. The person in charge of the home is Mr. Chang Ming Kiet.

4/5/2015 (Monday)

On this day, all team gather at KPS to help in packaging of the biscuits, our team strongly believe that the biscuits we are going to sell well because the biscuits are those of what our generation used to have during our childhood, which include icing gem biscuits and fish-shaped biscuits.

Every member is very supportive and the packaging and preparation tasks are done smoothly thanks to great cooperation from every single member.

Yum yum!!!

Preparation process 

Sealing biscuits using candle fire

Group Photo
Our preparation goes on from 8am - 11pm and we managed to prepare around 475 pack of biscuits and decided to sell each pack of biscuits for RM1. The whole team spirit is high and we are all ready to help IQ 70 Plus fundraise!!!

5/5/2015 (Tuesday)

The next day, every team member gather at table in front of DK1 at the Faculty of Economics and Administration at 8am to prepare for our charity sales. At 9am, our sales start and we target students that going to enter for lecture. After that, we split up to other faculty to sell our biscuits, mainly at Faculty of Education and Faculty of Business and Accountancy. 

Collecting funds 

Selling biscuits to UM students
 To our surprise, the reception of our biscuits are really good than what we have expect. Some of our customers even donate extra money for charity purpose!!! This really motivate us to do better.
Selling biscuits in FEA

A visit by Mr Chang to our booth!
 Mr Chang, the person in charge of IQ 70 Plus visits us in the afternoon and he is delighted with our effort and took a group photo with us. 

Our sales end around 9:30pm and cleaning up takes around 30 minutes and we all call it a day at 10pm. Although tired, everyone is happy due to the well reception and the good deeds that we are doing.

10/5/2015 (Sunday)

It is a nice day and also Mother's Day! A visit day to IQ 70 Plus to interact with the down syndrome kids and also to pass the donation money to Mr Chang. We reached IQ 70 Plus at 8am and we were greeted by them. Great and friendly atmosphere make us feel really easy interacting with the kids there. We start with some simple ice breaking game and after that we celebrate Mother's Day with the workers there.

We also did cup painting activity with the kids there, to let them express themselves through painting. We are surprised by how talented they are during this activity. Although they are individuals with down syndrome but this doesn't mean that they do not have any hidden ability, but just awaiting the right opportunity to unleash them.
Mother's Day celebration with workers in IQ 70 Plus and also Mr Chang's mother.

Receipt of Donation by IQ 70 Plus

Cups drawn by the down syndrome kids

Interacting with the kids
Ending our visit with a dance!
Interacting personally with the kids
Official receipt passing to us by Mr Chang, and also a lovely group photo
Our visit ends at 3pm in the afternoon, although we are all really sad to leave the home. All the memories made will be treasured in the deep of our heart. On the side note, we managed to collect a sum of RM655 for IQ 70 Plus!

My feeling.....

Dealing personally with IQ 70 Plus down syndrome kids make me realize that I am a very fortunate person in this society, and it impacted me so much that it makes me more positive towards all the challenges I am currently facing in my life. 

Fate caused me to meet Mr Chang, and introduced to IQ 70 Plus, to carry out my Social Engagement project. I am truly grateful to have this chance, and of course my helpful teammates along the way be it planning or executing this initiative.

*Special thanks to Mora, the assistant leader, Iqbal, the program head, Yen Ying, the secretary, Ying Qiu and Helen, which in charge in general affair, Wuon Zchia, the treasurer and Fiza, the assistant secretary. Without all of you this initiative will not be a reality, thank you all so so much!!!


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