STPM Baharu, Second Semester. =)

Hmmm... How should I start? Yesterday I wrote another letter to The Star to give some feedback regarding the new modular system STPM, and I think it will be published very soon.

Life in second semester:
Well, like the previous semester, the pace in second semester was equally fast and hectic. Unlike the first semester, I am mentally prepared for everything. For me, I think my first semester was like a coping test, and it was undoubtedly the toughest time. But after you jump over the hurdles, you will find yourself a level better.

I am still taking Chinese, Accounting, Economics, Maths M and Pengajian Am (5 subjects) in semester 2, and one thing that I truly feel lucky is, the syllabus in Accounting this semester is far more easier compared to the last semester. Chinese is ok,  more knowledge to learn in Economics, same stupid Maths and the ever-boring Pengajian Am.

FYI, the overall results of my school in Semester 1 was disastrous, and I only managed to get an ok-ok result. CGPA 3.33, Pengajian Am A, Economics A, Accounting B+, Maths C, Chinese D. And anything below a C is consider a fail already. Retaking Chinese, probably.

But this just make me work harder in my second semester, which I seriously do not hope to retake any of the papers again. Hence I put effort in my Chinese, and although I am really not that good in it, I managed to get 55% in my trials, haha, not bad already compared to a D in STPM. 语法不好,就在文学史与文选那里拿分吧~

In this semester, I had cut down on many activities, missed many movies, slept less and worked more. And the best treat I gave myself was to allow myself to watch Ironman 3 on the second day after it was on the cinema. How pathetic. But luckily having a bunch of great friends in Form 6 make my life much merrier, despite the high workload.
'Lou Sang'  with friends before CNY

And you will really feel the time flies in Form 6, and really limited time for you to master a certain chapter. Thats the problem in STPM Baharu, syllabus way too packed, time way too limited. Not to mention the assignments to be done within a certain period. In this case, we might not be able to change this reality, hence self-independence is the key to survive in Form 6. Do really revise and complete your homework, find a balance between your study life and the life out of the books. Do exercise frequently because what I see from many of my friends, they are getting 'wider' day by day (if you know what I mean) in Form 6 due to lack of exercise.

A Car-Washing Project for Teachers By the Sixth Form Society before CNY!

CNY Reunion with Ping Pong Friends

Managed to join a run though, despite all the studies thingy

STPM Second Semester:
And the time that decides our fate, the second semester STPM exam! I would not say I was well-prepared, since as I said it was hard to master everything completely due to the lack of time, but I did all I can and hope for the best. Unlike last semester's stupid timetable arrangement, this semester's arrangement was slightly better, first day (Account & Chinese) - second day (Pengajian Am & Maths) - third day (rest) - forth day (Economics). At least I'm better prepared for my Chinese paper, haha. To my surprise, my first paper, Accounting was quite direct forward and I managed to do most of the questions in my Chinese paper. The second day was also quite ok, and that also surprised me since I expected Maths to 'kill' me, literally, but it turned out otherwise. Questions were easy and straightforward, unlike in the first semester. I felt a sense of uneasy in the third day (no paper for that day), mostly due to the tiredness and the weird weather. Luckily I managed to keep my form and fought till the last day of my exam. Economics was also do-able as I wished, and yeah the END!

I would say I am very very lucky this semester, albeit not well-prepared for my exam. And I hope my results will be better than my first semester's results.

To Round Up, I Will Highlight A Few Things That You May Need To Give More Attention in Second Sem (for Both Science and Art Stream Students):

  • Especially Science Stream Students, manage your time wisely since you guys will need to complete MANY assignments this semester, which I think is every subjects you are taking. (PA, Chem, Math, Bio, Physics). Same goes to Art students. Pengajian Am's assignment was a disaster this semester for us.
  • During your Second semester you'll receive your First semester's results, be cool and rational, which means do not get to upset with your results and give up your Form 6 journey without much consideration. Think about all the time and effort you gave throughout your journey and is it the right choice for you to give up midway, or stay in Form 6. Always remember that you can still retake your papers, though I strongly do not suggest it, unless the results are really...saddening.
  • Do your very best in the second semester (and more better if you got a bad result in Semester 1), because you will not want to pile up everything you learnt in Semester 2 and retake them again, right?
  • Biology students, rat dissecting this semester!
Some Words in My Mind...
The challenges have been tough since I enrolled into Form 6. Looking at my high school friends going to colleges, and some are already pursuing their Degree now. And you are still in Pre-U. But believe me, there must be a reason for STPM being one of the longest period Pre-U. As tough as it seems, if you get use to it, you will do great, at least not bad, haha. As one of my senior said, you will find that you are a totally different person after you graduate from Form 6, mentally more matured and much more durable to challenges. Well, if you do not agree with my statement, why there are so few people that enter Form 6, despite it is one of the most affordable Pre-U course in Malaysia? 

Ok, I think thats pretty much everything I wanna say, for those Lower Sixers who just enrolled in Form 6, welcome to hell, have fun, do your best to survive. To every comrades, have a fun break and lets get prepared for our last semester in Form 6!  =)


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