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Honestly, I would say that you really cannot survive Form 6 without some great bunch of good (and crazy) friends. I have seen other classes that rarely communicate between the males and females, and will automatically into their own work when teacher is not at the class, total silence. Well, I am not saying that this is not a good thing, in fact is a very good effort to excel. But one thing that people need to realize, the people-people communication is a very important 'therapy' in this ever-stressful life.

I mean, whats the purpose to complete Form 6 but ended up only making a few friends (or no one at all)? Go socialize, know more people, meet new friends, joke around, CHILLAX! It is like an engine, you cannot let it goes forever right? It needs to stop to prevent them from overheating, and same goes to your life. It is not about STUDYING STUDYING and MORE STUDYING. Will you be happy? Are you happy? Well, that is something to think about. 

Well, I got this dream in one very random day, I was exhausted from all the homeworks in Form 6, and I was like " Hey why not after everything ends lets put everything behind and go for a backpacking adventure? " And Taiwan it is.  

Taiwan Dream
This holiday, I dedicate most of my time to plan my backpack trip to Taiwan! Yeah! You'll find out that Taiwan is such a great place. Nice food, nice scenery, nice people and haha nice girls! Such a good place to put all the stress behind, rejuvenate your mind, heal your soul....

Planning, like it or not, is the first step to your adventure, and I kinda enjoyed my time planning and it was very fun actually, haha

Last semester will start very soon, and I hope I can do well this time! Will end this post with a quote of mine:

让世界成为自己的老师,给机会自己,更认识自己." =)


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