Month of June & July !!

The month of the end of June until July is exceptionally busy. In fact, very,very busy!

At last, Rumah Merah got the overall champion after so many years (more than a decade)! Sooooo touched!!! Stayed back almost everyday until 8-9pm for the preparation for my house decoration and the marchers' costumes when Sports Day is around the corner. Last Sports Day in my school-ing life. No regrets. I really love the spirit, the thing I'll remember and cherish forever. O1 Merah!

Well, I really hope there are more friends that was by my side when this happened. Time flies, sigh. Still to be able to see Merah getting the champion along with fella juniors was great too =)

Next, I participated in the last table tennis competition in my life (perhaps?). I would say that was not a great experience, because table tennis was getting more and more unfamiliar in my life, that I was starting not to enjoy the game already. Don't know why, just........... you know the time to stop when it is the time. Well, got champion though. My last medal in table tennis. To table tennis, thank you for teaching me everything.
My compatriot

After that, I joined the Famine 30 as for the second time! That was a great experience, better than Lee Hom's last year. Learned a lot, feel a lot. I hope someone can organize this again for CHS-ians next year, since Yu Sheng will be continuing his studies overseas already.

Group 12!
Just a day after Famine, I compete in the CHS Ultimate Frisbee competition. Hahaha I actually kinda enjoyed the games because I really didn't expect too much. Well, it turned out as predicted, we got the 2nd last place. Well, everyone played well, just, our opponents were better. =)

With the team ---- Me-nions!
Ah after that I received my second sem STPM results, it was 3As (2A,1A-), 1B- and 1C+. Well, I don't wanna talk much abt results first, will talk abt them in my next post. =)

At last, me together with my fella Form Sixers organized the Sixth Form Orientation, an event for Lower Sixers to know each other, and of course the seniors. The event really meant a lot to me, since my friends and me myself had put a lot of effort in this, not only to make the event a success, but to at least enlighten the tension between the U6 and L6 because there were some unhappy incidents happening between two forms before. During a confession session that I myself suggested to hold, I almost, ALMOST felt like bursting my tears out because this had been troubling me for a long time. Well, I am glad that the event ended without much unexpected incidents, and I really love Form 6 more now, like Ohana, a family. =)


Well, I think this is everything I wanna say, life after this will be more on studies, tests and exams, so everything after July will be exceptionally boring. Haha, but along with the fella Form 6 friends, it'll be just as awesome! Until the next post, ciaoz! =)


  1. 可以问你一个问题吗?Ekonomi的问题可以用point form回答的吗?哇,可以告诉我要怎样考好PA?怎样写好作文?嗯,虽然你没拿Pengajian Perniagaan,但我还是想问你知不知道PP能用point form 回答吗?

  2. For ekon, u'll need to use essay form to answer the questions.
    For PA, yeah it sucks but u'll really need to do well in ur graphs and not to mention ur essays.
    For Chinese essay, haha i cant help u because my chinese sucks.
    PP, i dunno~~


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