STPM Results - The Mindset

The time has come for the STPM 2013/14's batch of STPM students to receive their First Semester's results! Here is a short article that might help you mentally on how to prepare yourself for it - and aftermath of receiving your results.

#1 Rule: Expect Nothing

This is the only way to prepare yourself mentally, because this is your First Semester's results and there are way too much of different circumstances in STPM. Don't give yourself excess stress by setting a target for yourself before receiving your results (if you wanna do so, you should have done it in the start of the semester and go all in for it anyway). Well, just tell yourself that you have did your best and leave it fate to decide. Hence, expect nothing and when the results turns out to be good then take it as a bonus, you'll definitely happier by this way. 

#2 Rule: Know That You Have a Second Chance

Well, this thought is definitely not advisable during the semester, as I would always recommend my friends or juniors to do their best in one short. But if you have received your results, and it is not that good, don't be sad, as you will have a second chance to strive for a better results. Keep going, do better, study smarter, grab the smart friend in your class, ask to get your questions answered. Life goes on! 

#3 Rule: Think Rationally

You get a sh*t result. Everything around you suddenly turns grey. It seems like there are no hope in this world anymore. Lets just qui............ Hey wait! Don't decide to end your path in Form 6 so quickly! Many wrong decisions are often done when one is under controlled by his/her mood. Hence, give yourself a few days to calm down from the incident, consult your parents and teachers, and even the school counselor (and I will definitely recommend this!). Think carefully whether it is worth it to quit your Pre-U study and opt for another course in the middle of the way, weight the consequences. Is the price of quitting enough for you to bare? Is it really the right choice? All these questions are definitely not for you to answer when you are controlled by emotions.

#4 Rule: Stay Positive

I would say that First Semester in STPM Baharu is like a trial of the whole game. After you adept to the game's environment, you will definitely be more prepared and perform better in the next 2 semesters. Hence, don't fret, buck up, and go all in for a better results! 

To Conclude....

I myself got an ok-ok 3.33 in my first semester, and I have to admit that the D for my Chinese and C for my Maths are definitely not easy to accept. But life goes on. I've adept to the highly demanding pace of life in STPM and I go all in. I got a 3.59 in my second semester and at last a not-perfect-but-still-proud-to-be 3.84 in my last semester. Don't look only to you present failures, but view on a better future, because what that have been done cannot be undo, but whats in front, it is definitely on your own favour. So, jiayous and all the best, buddy! 


  1. happened to read your blog while I'm searching for study tips in Google. It's a good post and seriously motivates me up after I read it.
    Btw, I too received my sem 1 results earlier on monday :)
    It wasn't good but with your post, I decided it's not a bad thing to retake the papers

  2. erm haha first of all thx for reading my articles! Well it definitely is not an easy task getting good results, even i myself faced many challenges along the whole form 6 journey, but yeah don't give up and do ur best for the upcoming semesters! Jiayou! =)

  3. i only get around 20s for math t, physics, and chemistry in this trial, any comments?����

  4. if dont hav such good result as u,that means a very bad result,any suggestion for me,can i restudying form 6 again?means that i want study again spend 1 and the half years to study form 6 study art i choose wrong stream


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