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Hello folks it has been some time since my last blog post 'STPM Baharu - The Form 6 College' and it actually became one of my article with the highest view! *claps claps*

STPM Baharu 2013 Students

Alright, basically I believed that many of us had already have in mind in how we did in our STPM, hence after receiving our result slip on 24/4/2014, whats next?
  • After receiving your result slip, things that you will need to pay attention of is:If you are one of the many that retake your Semester 3 paper/s, you can now update your application should you have anything that you want to change in your application during the First Phase of registration. It is called the Second Phase of registration and it will be opened to all Semester 3 retake students on 2/5/2014 - 6/5/2014. 
  • Free up your time for the month of May and June (and maybe July) because most of the procedures of the UPU/USM intake such as notice of the interview, process of interview and so on will most probably taking place in these 2 months. Hence, if you are planning some long trip, you might want to reconsider. If you are working part time, you might need to prepare to take a few day offs.
  • Lastly, if you want to do any last minute scholarship/university 'shopping', this is the last chance! Many of the dateline for scholarships and university application (especially overseas) had ended months back and if you missed them, you will now need to search around the education sites for any last minute application. 
  • Well, seems that your Form 6 journey truly ends here, and I wish everyone in our batch all the best and good luck in the future!
STPM Baharu 2014 Students

Hey! Less than 1 month more before you guys will be sitting for your Semester 2 STPM! All the best in your last preparation and this is the time to go all out! Consult your teachers if needed, try to understand the topics that you are not familiar, the key is: Don't Be Afraid to Ask!

And in the period of preparation of exams, please take care of your health!

STPM Baharu 2015 Students

Wow, if you are reading this you are either already decided to enter Form 6, or Form 6 is already one of your option. Intake should be anytime during May, and before entering Form 6, be well prepared mentally and physically. Expect nothing but a tough (and meaningful) challenge ahead. It will be tough, but it will worth it, if you hang on till the very end.

If you still need more information on Form 6, feel free to read up my previous articles!

And yeah! This is all for this article! I am just back from my backpacking trip to Taiwan (alone!) and I will definitely share my experience in this blog anytime soon, so if you are into travelling thingy, stay tune!

Jiayous, people! =)


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