STPM Baharu, Third Semester. =)

Wow, honestly, WOW. 18 months of STPM and that is it! The end of the journey! Well, in this post I'll talk about my life in the 3rd semester of this new modular system STPM, read on! 

Life in third semester:
Third semester of STPM is much, much more packed and intense compared to second semester. It is filled with activities, events, competitions and not to mention books. Oh anyway I received my second semester results during the third semester and I improved slightly (Econs A, Acc A, Maths A-, Pengajian Am B-, Chinese C+) and managed to get a CGPA of 3.59. 

Back to my life in third semester, I'm lucky that I got the chance to join many activities such as the Famine 30, my school's table tennis competition and ultimate Frisbee tourney and surprisingly still able to cope with my studies! Not only that, I am lucky that I am able to contribute a little to Rumah Merah during the sports day, and as for my Sixth Form Society, me and my friends organized a orientation day for the Lower-Sixers. Read about all the events that I mentioned above here! ( )

All the fun mentioned above happened in the month of June and July, and after that I have been preparing for my STPM trials, which turned out to be quite ok in fact! 

For the very first time, managed to get the highest mark in my class!

In between my trials and STPM I managed to participate in two runs, just to keep myself healthy, release stress and meet up my buddies!

Run For Peace 2013 by Soka Gakai, real amazing crowd!

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2013, truly one of the best run I've ever participated so far!

Some of the other great days in my semester 3: 

Helping my friend from Raleigh to collect fund for his expedition to Borneo! 

Emcee during Teacher's Day with my awesome partner! 

Table Tennis Club installation! (I'm one terrible spoiler of the photo, hahaha)

Preparation for STPM and Graduation:

Like the previous semesters, preparing for STPM is definitely not easy, but this whole Form 6 life has taught me a lot and really trained me up. I would say in the midst of my STPM preparation I also really learned to enjoy and appreciate every last classes and lessons in CHS with my awesome classmates and teachers. That heavy feeling when you know those are the last lessons for you in high school and Form 6.....

My class teacher, Pn. Yap Rio treated us lunch after our last Economics class.

Being able to graduate from CHS for the second time is my great honour and no doubt I am really grateful for it. 
Graduated with one great performance from the Sixth-Formers!

 To Conclude.........

Well, this time I am using more photos instead of lot of words to tell my experience in Semester 3, because picture speaks a thousand words, and every pictures you've see contains all the magnificent memories of mine for the whole third semester, memories that I'll treasure forever in my heart.

Then.... how was third semester STPM? Hmm... I would say I did OK in my third semester, and lets hope I can do better than all my previous results!

For me, third semester have been really meaningful to me, not only I got really close to my friends and teachers, I think I sort of 'grown up' a lot and come to realize many things that I might not understand before this. There're definitely a lot of ups and downs in this semester but aren't this the flow of our life? Maintain a positive mindset, stay cool, focus and everything will be fine! 

Well, these are pretty much my Semester 3 of STPM, I'll be releasing more articles regarding STPM Baharu soon, stay with my blog yo! =)


  1. Hi I'm a science stream second batch f6 baharu here. I have a few questions about retaking and it would be great If you can share your thoughts and answers to me.
    1) is it true that if I retake, the results will be later than those who didn't retake? What If I only retake sem1 & sem2? (Since sem3 is so late so maybe later) will the final results release later? If later then how late izzit?
    2) is it true that they only change the grades but not CGPA for the retake results? (Then If that's the case what's the point of retaking??!! )
    Thank you for reading my comments and it would be great and useful If you reply me. Thank you again for your patience to read this. It would be better If you share some of your personal experience about post-STPM life.

    1. Hi Connie! In reply to your questions,
      1. If you are retaking sem 1 & sem 2 papers, you'll receive your official STPM result slip ltr compared to those who didn't retake. This is because they need time to mark the retake papers. How late will it be i think will varies from year to year but for my year it is like a few weeks.

      2. Lol of course not! Your CGPA and grades will definitely be improvised if you got better results in your retake papers.

      3. Yup I'll try to write on my post-stpm life real soon.

      Thx for reading =)

    2. Thanks a lot! that really helps!

  2. Hi xuan chin. May I know as to how you are constantly updated with the current fund raising events, volunteer services, etc.?


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