2013 ----> 2014, A New Turning Point

Back in year 2012 when I was deciding whether to enter Form 6 or to do a foundation in media studies in a college in Jaya One, in the end I'd decided to try Form 6 and I remained in Form 6 until the very end of the 1.5 years course. 

Planning a fundraise for the down syndrome kids in 12 days

Now Form 6 has ended and I've decided that I'll put 'enjoy life' as my first priority instead of academic excellence, yay! Well, not that I didn't have a life in Form 6, but if you went through Form 6 you'll know what I mean. Not long after my Third Semester ended, I've planned a fundraising event for the down syndrome kids by selling homemade gingerbread cookies, the name of the event is 'A Christmas Project : The Joy of Giving'. It was definitely not easy because of the limited time and resources and with some luck and the help from my parents and friends we were able to held it in Sunway Pyramid on 22/12/2013, the Sunday before Christmas. In the end we managed to raise RM2280 for IQ 70 Plus, a centre that is taking care of down syndrome individuals in Jalan Gasing. Here are some pictures of the fundraising event:

Awesome friends that have supported the cause!

Yum yum!!

Decorated gingerbread cookies!

Our Booth!

Group Photo

Visit to IQ 70 Plus

RM1760 from the selling of cookies, and additional RM920 from the donations of friends made it RM2280 in total!

Handed the money to Mr Chang, the founder of IQ 70 Plus
Now you've seen some of the photos, we've even made a video on our fundraise after that! Watch it maybe? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Idt2718EZwU&feature=share

To look at all the photos of this album, visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/christmasprojectthejoyofgiving

Class Trip to Port Dickson

Meaningful as it is, I was wore off after this whole event and went sick for a couple of days and before I managed to recover I've went to my class trip at Port Dickson! (Damn hardcore)

U6A 2013 Class Trip to Port Dickson! 

Last Run of 2013 - Newton Run

I've not been training for a long time plus I was really tired from all the activities so I didn't really do well for my last run of 2013, well I hope I can do a full marathon this year and grrr......... lets train hard!!!

2014, Whats Next???

Excellent question, to be honest I'm not so sure too. For now, I'm working part time in Mission-Q at SS15 Subang Jaya to save money for my Taiwan backpacking trip in the meantime waiting for my results to be out. After my Taiwan trip I would like to do something meaningful, say organizing Famine 30 for CHS if I am able to do so (and have the time) or any other things, but for now I'm still not sure and I'll leave it to fate.

During these time I'll try to spare sometime to come out with some Form 6 related articles and plan for my Taiwan trip, not to mention to train for my running, so lets hope I'm not too busy with my part-time job!


I really hope to do my degree studies in a local public university, say USM/UM/UMS because it really saves a lot for my parents and I'll not be bind with annoying scholarships T&C. But in the meantime I'll try to apply for different scholarships just in case I'm one of the unlucky ones that does not get a place in university. For now, I do not have a specific course that I'm really interested in but if it is still yet decided when the time comes I think I'll go for Economics related studies. (I like Journalism though, but I don't see a bright future in it, sigh)

To Conclude...

Well that is all for this blogpost, I'll try to come out with more Form 6 related articles if I got the time but the frequency will be slower since I've a job now, so please be patient with me and I wish everyone a Happy 2014 and all the best throughout the year! Cheers! 


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