2013 STPM Leaver : Time To Buy Your Pin Number for Public Universities!

For 2013's STPM leavers, it is almost time to buy your pin number for the application to local public universities! Below are the details:

Date : Starting from 20/1/2014
Venue : BSN Bank nationwide
Price : RM15.60, except for USM that takes care of their own students intake, it'll be RM40

Remark : For USM, you'll need to do your application at their own designated site (https://pohon.usm.my/)

Refer this site for more info on how to buy your pin number : http://afterschool.my/how-to-purchase-pin-for-your-upu-application-for-ipta-public-universities/

I've heard rumours saying that 2013 STPM third semester results will be coming out early February, and 10/2/2014 to be specific. Well, time will tell. 

Until next time, ciaoz!

All the best and good luck! Lets hope everyone gets their desired course and universities (although I believe it'll not going to happen *sigh*)!!!


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