War. Codename: 2014 STPM Second Semester. Status: Start!

Anyeong! Just writing this post to wish every kawan-kawan that will be sitting for Second Semester STPM in a few days time all the best and good luck!

Be Careful - Pengajian Am

Pengajian Am for second semester is one tricky paper to score. Be very very careful while plotting your graphs/charts/tables because a small keyword that you left out will cost you your results for the paper. 

p.s. Remember to bring your colour pencils and protractor ya!

My Advice

For me, I'll not study until late night before exam, as stuff in our brain tend to go all wrong due to lack of rest. Instead of discussing with friends about the subject before the paper, I would normally prefer to find a quiet place to calm down my nerves (Keep on talking about the subject before exam will most probably cause you to be more nervous). 

Best of Luck!

So yeah this is indeed a short post dedicated to wish all STPM candidates all the best and good luck! Stay healthy and please, sleep early and please (x2), don't overslept! Jiayous! 


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