What To Do - I Am Not Selected for Interview!

Every single year, there will always be STPM students with good results that hope to be called for interview for the entrance into local public universities but in the end turned down by the authorities. 

So, what can you do if you are one of the victim? 

1. Check

First of all, check the courses you applied, are everyone of them required interview? If there are courses that do not require interview, it means that you will still have a chance to enter public universities. Every course you applied require interview? Proceed to no.2 then.

2. Rayuan

This is to the ones that failed to get any offer in the end to apply. 

"Rayuan: Hanya calon yang gagal mendapat sebarang tawaran sahaja yang layak mengemukakan permohonan rayuan.
Rayuan ke IPTA bagi Program Pengajian Lepasan STPM/Setaraf dibuka untuk capaian mulai 12 Ogos 2014 jam 12.00 tengah hari sehingga 22 Ogos 2014"

3. Local/Overseas Private Universities

Well, maybe in life when we do not get what we want it means that we are destined to be something greater, or we are destined to walk the different path. Don't you think so? Don't fret if you do not get a place in local public universities, because it is a real big world out there! There are many private universities out there and there are always financial aids if you are worried about all the financial stuffs.

Every year we will see people angered, frustrated, disappointed over not being selected into local public universities. After so many years, nothing got better. Hence, while it is not worthy to be saddened over the flaws of our country's education system, we must all continue on with our life, our own story. Make your own story lively, something worth living for and meaningful. Get over the negativity and enjoy our journey, and hopefully one day we will be able to make great changes to our future generations. Best of luck, my friends!


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