STPM Baharu In Depth - Biology (written by Wai Kent Ng)

This is an introduction of the subject Biology written by my friend, Ng Wai Kent. Wai Kent is one of the top student in CHS that have been achieving fantastic results academically. Also a cheerful and ongoing person in life, his tips in Biology will surely help you in your studies in Form 6! Read it here:

Hopefully this brief introduction may give you some ideas while choosing Physics or Biology or both for your STPM.
FIRST TERM: Biological Molecules and Metabolism
Basically, you are going to revise on what you have learnt in SPM Biology. You have learnt water, lipids, carbohydrates, cellular components, plasma membrane, enzymes, respiration and photosynthesis when you were in SPM, didn’t you?

In additon to this, you are going to learn about eukaryotes and prokaryotes, induced fit hypothesis for enzyme reaction (which differs slightly from lock-and-key), Michaelis-Menten constant for an enzyme-catalysed reaction.
The most ‘exciting’ part of this term is all about remembering some important cycles towards the end of term 1.
NEW for STPM: Enzyme technology
SECOND TERM: Physiology
This is the most interesting but the most burdening part of STPM Biology.
You will be dealing with physiology processes that occur in both humans and plants throughout this term. You need to cope with 7 equally important chapters in only 5 months, not to mention your Pengajian Am and Mathematics (T) project. It is very important to do revision consistently if you do not wish to retake at the end of the year.
NEW for STPM: Infectious diseases
THIRD TERM: Ecology and Genetics
You will be learning different morphological characteristics of different phyla in respective kingdoms. It is interesting to know different organisms in their respective scientific names. Also, you will be studying about ecology, speciation and selection.
You will be studying about different inheritance pattern and gene technology as well.
This is the most interesting part, and you will wonder how unique we are!
NEW for STPM: Biotechnology
Tips and advices:

  • Study consistently. Toiling hard at the eleventh hour does not help much.
  • Have more reference sources. Do not rely on one reference book only. Do online research whenever necessary, especially for new topics mentioned. Learning beyond the scope brings no harm.
  • Study smart. Get yourself one way to remember the terms easily. Understanding the process is of utmost importance.
  • Spell every term accurately! You will be penalized for spelling mistakes!
  • Get a draft paper and try to draw the structure of molecules. This makes you remember them quicker!
  • You are not predictor of tomorrow. Rather than spotting questions, take more time to study everything. Every topic, regardless how important it is, has an equal possibility to be tested.
  • Practice makes perfect. Do more exercises and past year questions.
  • Sharing is caring. Exchanging notes with friends or group discussion certainly help as long as it does not turn out to be a chat group.
Last but not least, STPM is not as horrible as what you think of. We study hard, we play hard too. Do study smart and manage your time well if you really wish to score. Welcome to STPM and all the best!
STPM Baharu Biology Syllabus (964)

Wai Kent is no doubt one of the smartest friend I've ever met in my life. A great and intelligent buddy and I have been learning a lot from him. 


  1. Evening. Did your friend had tuition during his STPM for Biology?

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