STPM Baharu In Depth - Chemistry (written by Li Tian Low)

This is an introduction of the subject Chemistry in STPM Baharu by my friend Low Li Tian, read on and you will get an idea of what you'll be learning for this subject in Form 6! 

 Okay , so I’ll start off with chem sem 1 first. Term 1 we’ll be studying about Physical Chemistry, well I personally didn’t like physical chem that’s why I didn’t have much “memories” bout it. Well, through this physical chem, u’ll be studying about electronic Structure of Atoms, chemical bonding , states of matter , reaction kinetics & equilibrium. Chapters about electronic structure of atom & chemical bonding r quite interesting but not for equilibrium (just my opinion). Overall , term 1 chemistry was quite easy , no memorizing work ,u just have to understand the concept.
Eg:  phase diagram for a single-component material, exhibiting solid, liquid and gaseous phases

Term 2: Inorganic Chemistry . The first 2 chapters r about chemical energetics & electrochemistry . So u’ll be learning different types of standard enthalpy changes of reaction & need to know how to calculate electrode potential. The rest of the chapters r periodic table , group 2 elements, group 14 , group 17 & transition elements . These chapters requires a lot of memorizing work, but don’t worry coz there r connections between the elements of different groups . Once u have to understand well, then It’s easy to memorize them. I suggest that u read a little everyday so that u can master these chapters easily .
eg : Nernst Equation.
R = gas constant
T = temperature in Kelvins
Q = thermodynamic reaction quotient
F = Faraday's constant
n = number of electrons transferred

Term 3 : Organic Chemistry ( my fav!!!!). Okay, so basically this term only need memorizing works . The chapters included : Introduction to Organic Chemistry , hydrocarbon , haloalkanes , hydroxyl compounds, carbonyl compounds, carboxylic acid & derivatives, amines, amino acids & proteins , and lastly polymers . If u r those who loves memorizing then I’m sure u can master these chapters well, if u r not, then u have to work hard by studying everyday ~( don’t worry, organic chem r like inorganic chem, there’s connection between different compounds, so it’s quite easy to memorize them) . Besides memorizing, u also have to do lots of questions & practices in order to get the hang of it.
eg: Acylation Friedel craft of benzene .
eg: reduction of carbonyl compounds ( aldehyde / ketone) to alcohol.

Overall , I like Chemistry the most among the other subjects ( well maybe It’s because I have a wonderful & enthusiastic teacher,Pn Wong who teaches well, she makes chemistry even more  interesting.)Oh , u will also handling a lot of interesting experiments in term 2 and 3 : a lot of colour changing & “ extraordinary ” odours  . Well, that’s all for Chemistry, good luck & all the best in Form 6!
Li Tian is one of the student that really excels academically in Form 6.


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