STPM Baharu In Depth - Physics (written by De Jun Yong)

This is a in depth, or I would say a personal experience of my friend, Yong De Jun in studying Physics in Form 6:

I would say Form 6 physics is very much different compared to SPM physics. What we learn in SPM is just tip of the iceberg, while Form 6 physics provides you a much more in depth knowledge of physics. I not sure about the A-levels syllabus but I think both Form 6 and A-levels physics syllabus are quite identical. Besides, I can say that the STPM Baharu physics is less challenging as compared to the previous one because you need not to memorize all the formulae and concepts at once and “vomit” it out during the exam.

Personally, I think that Form 6 physics is still manageable as long as you pay attention is class and do your homework or maybe try to do some extra exercises because all these can help you to understand the application of formulae and concepts much better. Practice makes perfect, I know is kind of old fashioned to say this but this is definitely applicable in your studies.

Below is a brief idea what are you going to learn throughout the 3 semesters in Form 6:

     Semester 1A more advance version of kinematics and forces. You will get to learn a lot of new things such as circular motion and ideal gas equation. They are very interesting, you will get a lot of fun while dealing with them.
    Semester 2 - This semester you will learn about electricity. I think this is the easiest semester in you Form 6 life. Questions are very straight forward and you just need to memorise the formulae and apply.

         Semester 3 – In my opinion, this is the hardest semester. Questions can come out in many different ways. You really need to understand everything thoroughly.
    Remarks :
    -      Form 6 teachers are very knowledgeable, please make good use of them to ask them questions when you face any difficulties in studies. I think memorizing blindly does not help you to strive in Form 6 physics but understand what you are learning and studying. Must attempt to do pass year questions before going for exam as you will get an brief idea what kind and what type of questions will be coming out. This is one of the best way to get you prepared for exam.

    Believe it or not, we are both born in the same day, same month and the same year!


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